Last Updated July 23, 2018

Digitally Secure

OlehPay goes great lengths to keep all of your sensitive information safe.

Server Security

OlehPay implements many security measures to ensure information passes from our clients to our servers safely. OlehPay leverages TLS encryption through bank-standard 256bit SSL to pass user inputted information to OlehPay’s servers. Sensitive information, like bank account numbers are tokenized and regularly dumped following the highest security protocols in the industry. Employee access is heavily restricted and we require background checks on all employees. For more information on what we do with your information, visit our privacy policy page.

Plaid and digitally connected accounts

For US customers, you can verify your account in just a few minutes by entering your bank credentials. You may be familiar with this process if you've ever verified a bank account on Paypal or similar services. These banking credentials are never sent to OlehPay, but are shared with an integrated, trusted third-party, Plaid Technologies, Inc., to facilitate instant account verification. This service may store the provided credentials for verification purposes or use them on a per-transaction basis for fraud prevention, and to help verify a sufficient balance is available to process your transaction.

You may change your online banking password at any time after instant verification. You may use a temporary password without losing access to OlehPay's transfer services. If you do change your password, transactions may be delayed, as we pull important information through the Plaid-linked accounts about the status of your transaction from within the sending bank.

From time to time, for reasons of security and fraud prevention, either your financial institution or OlehPay may automatically sever your bank connection to OlehPay's platform. OlehPay will ask that you re-add your bank accounts in these circumstances.

For more information on security audits of Plaid Technologies, Inc., please visit Plaid's Security and Compliance Overview

For more information on how Plaid Technologies, Inc., collects, uses, and protects your information, please visit Plaid's Privacy Policy.

Manually connected accounts

If digital connection to your account is not feasible, OlehPay provides users an additional method to connect accounts through a manual upload of a check and account numbers. This creates a manual connection to the account. As the account is connected manually, we lose insights into your account we would otherwise have access to with digitally connected accounts. As a result, transfer times are delayed additional business days making the complete transfer time between 5-7 business days.

Financially Safe

Money sent through OlehPay gets routed to individually secured, FDIC insured accounts to prevent counter-party risk. This guarantees that funds for transfer are never pooled with any other funds, ensuring proper mangement of funds.

Funds are debited directly through secure methods, drawing money accurately from accounts, and leaving no risk for misspelled IBANs or any human error.

Licensed and Regulated

Through partnership with established financial institutions, OlehPay is licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Finance a as a currency service provider.

In the United States, OlehPay's partners are registered with the Department of Treasury as a Money Service Business, and are Licensed as a Money Transmitter.

Totally Transparent

OlehPay has the greatest transparency possible in the banking world for the following four reasons:

OlehPay uses the official and objective Bank of Israel rate also known as the (שער יציג) to determine a daily USD/NIS exchange rate. We urge our customers to stop relying on arbitrary rate contrived by other forex companies.

OlehPay uses a simple and transparent flat rate of 2% by which to process transactions. This means that there are no hidden fees or additional charges, and 2% means just that: 2%.

OlehPay explains exactly how money is sent and how profit is made. OlehPay does not make any money on the exchange rate, we simply make money on the low percentage which we take on the transaction.

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