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Work with OlehPay to expand its mission of transparency and fair currency exchange while growing income for yourself. Refer friends and help them save money on transfers to Israel.

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Why Everyone Should be Using OlehPay
to Transfer Money to Israel

Lowest Costs, Worry Free

OlehPay is the least expesnive method for sending money to Israel. Make a transfer without calling your bank, writing a check, or visiting an ATM.



Checks and Cash


Forex Offices


Traditional Banks


Perfect Tracking with Referral Links

Send out your referral link to refer your friends. Perfectly track leads through your unique URL code. See progress of its activity in your account page.


Secure and Compliant

Built with the highest security protocol in the industry, OlehPay utilizes 256 bit SSL encryption to keep information safe. Additionally, unlike almost all other currency exchangers, money sent through OlehPay is segregated into individually FDIC insured bank accounts to eliminate counterparty risk entirely.

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